Employment Law and Human Resources

Practical advice and human resource support

At Blackburn & Co., our aim is to provide you with positive, practical advice and human resource support that will help you to manage your employees and develop your business.

Whatever the size of your organization, we can provide you with practical and confidential HR advice to help you to deal with any and every HR and people management issue that you may have.

Dealing with people management issues can be both time consuming and costly. Figures recently published by the Employment Tribunal show that annually they receive around 61,000 claims from disgruntled claimants and that a successful claim for unfair dismissal currently receives an average award of over £12,000, while some discrimination claims receive awards that average over £23,000.

In these difficult economic times an unexpected additional cost to your business of over £23,000 could mean the difference between your business turning a heathy profit and it making a loss. A successful claim may also cause significant damage to your reputation and this may adversely affect the development and growth of your business.
With our help and guidance you can avoid these potentially disruptive and embarrassing situations by allowing us to deal with these situations for you.

Giving you practical advice for your peace of mind

We believe that there is nothing more stressful and disruptive to a business than having to tell a long term employee that they are to be made redundant or that they are not going to be given the promotion that they believe they deserve and, unlike other HR advisors, we will not simply provide telephone advice to you, we will actually carry out the procedures for you so that you can have peace of mind that your procedures are legally compliant and are in line with all current legislation.

With our help, you will be able to deal with any HR matters that arise quickly and effectively.

At Blackburn & Co., we will work closely with you to identify and understand your business needs and to help you develop the necessary action plans to help your business develop and grow.

We can tailor our support to suit your business from devising a one off project such as creating and implementing a comprehensive re-structuring plan, to helping you develop an annual support agreement that will provide you with peace of mind and instant access to expert HR and legal advice.

We can provide expert legal and HR support at a fraction of the cost of you having to employ a full time HR professional and we have a wide range of support packages to suit every organization.

All of our HR support packages are offered for a fixed fee so that you will know the full cost of our services from day one.

If you have a HR department as many of our clients do, we can offer you a legal advice line where you own HR professionals can receive detailed legal advice on any HR issues that may arise.

We also offer comprehensive training programmes for managers and HR professionals that will help them to develop effective people management skills.

At Blackburn & Co., we will make life simpler for you by taking over the strain of dealing with any HR or employment issues that you may have.

We will also draft terms and conditions of employment, policies and procedures and Employee Handbooks. We can you keep up-to-date with employment law changes and policies.

At Blackburn & Co we can provide you with peace of mind that will enable you to concentrate on running your business, without the fear of your business being damaged by a costly employment dispute.

We can deal with all of your HR and employment needs.

We also regularly present cases to the Employment Tribunal and the Employment Appeal Tribunal acting for both Respondent and Claimant clients

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